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Fulbright Orientation – Delhi

Aug 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

India Gate - DelhiI arrived in Delhi after a long, long journey…. First, I left from Liverpool at around 6am, from there I went to Paris via Easyjet, which was not so easy! Hahaha. They wanted to charge me 110 pounds (~$240, mind you the round trip ticket cost about $300) for my extra luggage, which was the same exact luggage that I had taken from Paris to Liverpool via Easyjet just a few days earlier. Apparently you are allowed two carry-ons from Paris but only one from Liverpool. Anyway, they had mercy on me and only charged the equivalent of about $20 for the “extra” checked luggage. From Paris I connected to Munich, and from Munich I flew overnight to Delhi. Needless to say, I did not do a lot the first evening besides meet some of the other Fulbrighters for breakfast and dinner and rest during the day.

The next day we went to the Fulbright House to meet all those amazing staff that have been so helpful, and with whom I have been in contact via email since around April of last year. That day (Tuesday, August 26th) was taken up by discussions with Girish and the others about grant disbursement issues as well as a brief lecture by an Indian physician about the do’s and dont’s of medical health in India. In the evening we had a nice meal with some of the current Fulbrighters (lecturers and students) some of whom are still here because of previous visa delay issues. I avoided the yogurt and non-peel-able fruits and vegetables for the time being.

The final day of orientation was jam packed. Mostly with discussion regarding safety issues (women are allowed to carry pepper spray/mace, but it is illegal for men!) and talking to the media in India. We also got a lecture about the Indian economy and met some of the higher-ups from the U.S. Embassy in India. After all of that we went on a mini-tour of Delhi, where we got some pictures (including the one of us in from of the India gate) but we were all pretty tired and decided to skip the final part of the tour and go for dinner. The best part of the Indian Fulbright Orientation was meeting the other Fulbrighters (most for a second time) and talking about upcoming visits to see each other in our respective cities. Throughout orientation I thought about what my new home in Madurai would be like…