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Fulbrighters come to Madurai, friends and I visit Dayspring Home

Jan 09, 2009 in Uncategorized

Ashwini and new friendsLast week five of us from the research lab at Aravind went to the Dayspring Home in Virudhunagar to donate some¬†educational supplies and spend time with the children there.¬†We also danced, played sports, and judged a coloring book competition. This time the children were well, and our orphan suffering from Impetigo on the last visit had fully recovered. It was nice to see Mercy again and help the orphans what little we could by supplying them with materials other students at their school have, but they couldn’t afford. They also got prizes for the coloring competition, they were toys and other items that my aunt Nola sent from the US.

The other major event this week was that three of my fellow Fulbrighters were in the neighborhood for a visit! They stayed for three nights, and I had a chance to show them all of the local sights, at least one of which I had yet to visit myself! It was a great visit, that also included Cailin’s birthday, and some quality Bollywood movie-watching time. It was a shame that I couldn’t travel with them to Kerala, but I will see them all again in Kolkata in March. It was an awesome time!