Rameshwaram Trip

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Leaving RameshwaramThis weekend I made a trip to a famous Hindu pilgrimage site called Rameshwaram. It is a three hour drive from Madurai, so I took a bus early in the morning and returned in the evening of the same day. Since it is not an especially auspicious time to visit (i.e. no festivals, etc.) I had to travel alone this time; but as I had discovered early in my experience in India, making friends is easy here, and by the time our trip was over I had made several new ones, despite the fact that we could barely communicate in English or Tamil! On the other hand, my Tamil is slowly improving, and I am understood now when I say “How are you?” and some other basic phrases.

The most famous place in Rameshwaram is the Temple, of course! Of note, the temple has long corridors with pillars along the way, and wells of water that each has their own taste. With my medical background, and microbiology knowledge, I was skeptical about trying the water… so I will have to take their word for it!

The location of Rameshwaram is significant, as it is an island off the east coast of India that is very close to the Island of Sri Lanka (about 40 km). On a clear day, and from high points in Rameswharam, you can see Sri Lanka. Between the two islands is a coral reef which is shallow and believed by legend to have been made by Ram in his attempt make a bridge so as to rescue his wife (Sita) from kidnappers (Ravana) in Sri Lanka.

The beach is also famous, and there were many people on the beach having poojas and wading around. One other interesting thing about Ramesharam is that they have rocks which (for some reason lost in translation) float. They are kept under a metal grid, but you can stick your hand through and touch them, sure enough, they feel like real rocks. I was expecting Styrofoam! The scientist in me could not accept that these rocks were denser than water, but it was an interesting sight none the less.







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    1. NH Says:

      Paul –

      I love reading about all your travel and discoveries in India. Thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date. The pictures are great!

      You are on my heart and mind daily as I pray that you discover all God has for you in every aspect of your life.

      Lots of love


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