Got my E-Tickets today

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 @ 1:43 am | Uncategorized

Wow, its starting to sink in that I will begin work of my Fulbright Fellowship soon. First I get this Step 2CK of my medical boards out of the way on July 23rd, then the fun begins when I travel to Montpellier, France. I’ll spend some quality time with close friends from my time studying chemistry and history at Lancaster University (2000). Fortunately, Audrey and Greg have been over to visit me in the US twice since then, and I went to their wedding a few years back, but this time will be special too because I’ll meet their daughter Mailys. Audrey is planning a full schedule… spending time on the beach at La-Grande Motte, having dinner (I’m thinking crepes) and drinks with friends, bumming around in Montpellier, and maybe some waterpark action. I’ll make sure to post some pictures.

Thankfully the people at USEFI have been very accommodating and generous with my travel plans, which are not always easy to make. They sent me the eticket today for my travel to India and quickly followed up with an itinerary for my trip to Madurai from Delhi too. I’m excited about this trip, I leave from Minneapolis on August 5th to arrive in Paris the next day, and depart from Paris on August 25th. Since I’m leaving form France to India, they decided that I am just responsible for the tax on my three-week rendezvous in Montpellier. That turns out to be not a big deal since it will cost me $20, not a bad from my perspective or theirs!

I will begin my Fellowship when I arrive in Delhi for Orientation on August 25th. I am not too sure about the agenda as of now, but there should be some useful information in there somewhere. The plan is to leave for Madurai on August 28th, so that will probably be when I get my first glimpse of the “temple city” or “Athens of the East” or “village of a million people.” I’m looking forward to taking the Indian airways, I’ve heard that it is very different from our airlines in the United States. Apparently they serve very nice meals… Hopefully my hopes are not too high in wishing for a nice Vindaloo or Rogan Josh, but we’ll see.

Before I get too ahead of myself, I need to study my USMLEwold questions. I should also mention that I have yet to attend the pre-departure orientation in Washington D.C. That event is scheduled for July 9th – 11th, hopefully it won’t be a bore, but I’ll bring my step 2 material just it case! Oh yeah, and I need to go take the next in my series of typhoid vaccinations before I forget. It seems a little strange to purposefully ingest salmonella, but hopefully this means that I am avoiding a later discussion about “why I should have taken the typhoid vaccine.”



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    1. Audrey Says:

      I just love how you explain your coming trip to Montpellier! It made me laugh when you wrote about the crepes stuff, it’s so funny!!!
      See you soon!

    2. weird facts Says:

      I grabbed a couple lines from your site and put it on our site about weird facts, that good with you?

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